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Offering French lessons and much more

At our Maytime Montessori Nursery schools in Ilford, we offer a variety of optional extra classes to bring your child out of their shell and develop useful skills. We let your child’s imagination blossom in drama club, introduce them to new linguistic skills with our French lessons, and take them outside the school to explore the world with our educational day trips. 

Optional classes

Our qualified French teacher offers weekly half hour classes, and these optional lessons can help your child develop and use different parts of their brain while building confidence and language skills. Teaching a child another language early on in their development makes it more likely that they’ll pick it up quickly and even learn to speak fluently. Using songs and games to enhance the fun, our French lessons are a great head start for any child. 
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Fun at drama club

Tap into your child’s theatrical side with our optional drama classes. Drama is a great way for children to express themselves and their emotions, as well as being a lot of fun. Our qualified drama teacher will help your child develop their creativity, confidence and communication skills through roleplaying games, make believe, singing, dancing, and other amazing activities. 
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Exciting educational day trips

As a parent or guardian, you’ll know that not all education takes place in the classroom! We go the extra mile for your child to plan extremely beneficial and enjoyable educational day trips. Whether we are visiting the museum or the petting zoo, our high adult to child ratio and professional staff experience means that your child can learn about the world around them in a safe, secure manner. 
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