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Understanding the Montessori method

At Maytime Montessori Nursery, we follow the Montessori Method of child care and child development. By giving the children in our care an option of engaging activities, we are encouraging independence and self-selection across our Ilford nurseries. With competitive pricing, qualified staff and excellent facilities, you can be certain of providing your child with a brilliant start when you enrol them in our nurseries. 

Innovative and interactive child development

The Montessori Method, designed by physician and educator Maria Montessori and first put into practice by her in 1907, suggests that children learn best through interactive play. Child development, according to our approach, is best aided with independent learning, self-selecting activities, and using tactile and practical methods to explore the world around them. In our safe and structured environment, children can begin to build the self-confidence and imagination that will last a lifetime.
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Used in all our Ilford nurseries

We have several nurseries throughout Ilford and Redbridge; Eastwood Rd, Cranbrook Rd, and Wanstead Park, with a playgroup facility available at Valentines Park. All of our locations follow the Montessori Method, aiming to give your child the best possible start in their education, and are staffed by caring and experienced individuals ready to guide your child to success. 
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All your questions answered

Many parents are eager to see the place that their child will be spending their time each day, and we encourage parents to come and view our classrooms and facilities. Our trained and qualified staff will be available during open days to answer any questions from parents or guardians about the Montessori Method, our practices, or address any other concerns you might have. 
              Discover more about our approach by calling 020 8599 3744
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