Stimulating and structured childcare

At Maytime Montessori Nursery, we offer a framework of stable childcare routine to allow our children to explore exciting new experiences throughout the day. Our four facilities around Ilford, all staffed by experienced and qualified individuals, encourage imagination and innovation in your child as they become comfortable and confident with independent learning.

Starting the day at 8-10am

Our day at the Maytime Montessori Nursery begins with parents dropping children off, allowing them to greet their friends and our caring staff. We offer a breakfast club in order to accommodate parents who may need to leave their child at nursery before the official day begins. 
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Playtime at 10am -12pm

We follow the Montessori Method, which means children self-select the activities they are interested in pursuing throughout the day. By allocating large blocks of time, such as the time between 10am and 12pm, we allow the children under our care to truly immerse themselves in one of our many fun activities and learn through play.
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Lunch and rest from 12-2pm

We believe that rest is an important factor in any young child’s day, and in between 12 noon and 2 pm your child will be encouraged to nap or lie quietly. They will also be given a tasty and nutritious lunch, which is carefully and freshly prepared for them and offers options for all dietary and religious requirements. Our menu, available below, shows examples of the food your child will be enjoying with us.

Fun preschool activities from 2-4pm

After lunch and nap time, we offer children a choice from our range of interesting and engaging activities, such as creative, messy and imaginative play, cooking, music, co-operative games, stories, outdoor play and art. All children are encouraged to try different activities and explore the world around them in a tactile and creative way. 
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Home time at 4-6pm

After a day filled with wonderful preschool activities, fun play time, and socialisation, your child will be ready to be picked up between 4 and 6pm. Our nurseries throughout Ilford offer after school childcare to suit your work schedule or allow your child additional play and learning experiences before going home.
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